Pat Biggs


Personal Trainer

Philip LiCastri
Personal Trainer
Strength and Sports Training
(Owner of Pinnacle Health & Fitness, LLC)
In his 22 + years as a personal trainer, Phil has logged over 30,000 hours in one-to-one personal training with his clients. To maintain a training edge that keeps clients enthused and dedicated, Phil attends industry conferences and events to keep pace of new training techniques and tools. He is a frequent guest speaker at events and has consulted in the opening of several fitness facilities. He currently holds a Bronze level coaching card through USA Wrestling coaches education program and is the Director of the youth wrestling program for 2nd – 8th grade children at the Easton Community Center. He is Head Coach for the Aspetuck Wildcats 7th grade football team and is on the board of directors for Easton Little League as well as being an assistant baseball coach.
Phil’s credentials speak for themselves. He has a B.S. degree in Athletic Administration with a minor in Business Administration from St. John’s University. He has been a personal trainer since 1988 with certifications from American Aerobic Association, International Sports Medicine Association and National Strength and Conditioning Association. He is a professional member of the NSCA and the American College of Sports Medicine.
Philip is in the “National Registry of Who’s Who” in the 2000 business addition. He was an Olympic Torch Bearer for the 1996 Atlanta Summer Olympic Games, selected as a community hero for outstanding volunteer service at Elderhouse Adult Day Care (Norwalk), and has been a volunteer with Health and Humor Associates (Stamford Hospital), Camp Hemlocks (Hebron), Easterseals fundraiser (Westport) and Team in Training for the Leukemia Society.

DJ. Morrell
Personal Trainer

D.J. Morrell has always had a passion for football, and fitness in particular. He grew up in Norwalk, CT and continues to carry his name there. His desires for football and training have grown into much more than what some would call a hobby, to this athlete, it’s a lifestyle. Ever since a young age the dream of his was to one-day play in the National Football League. He had grown up as a die-hard New York Giants fan, and was eager to continue to learn the game. Starting his football career at age 13 and carrying it throughout high school he developed a drive and work ethic to earn a Division 1 scholarship, which he proudly accomplished. D.J. then attended Old Dominion University in Norfolk, VA continuing his childhood dream and earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science but, also, minored in Communications. Throughout D.J. Morrell’s junior and senior football seasons he attracted much attention from NFL scouts, and began his scouting process.
Following his senior season he was recruited to the Buffalo Bills. It was at that point where he finally realized his lifelong dream has come true despite the ups & downs one would face on this journey. Over the years he has learned the importance of teamwork, an endless work ethic, to hold himself to high standards, and to always compete in everything you do in life. A motto that D.J. has gained throughout his career path is that hard work always pays off. His true passion is what the game of football has taught him: to prepare the body to the best of its ability, to hold it accountable to the demand that is asked of it, and to properly nourish, protect and respect the body which, also, made D.J’s dream come true.
He loves to provide motivation and share his knowledge of nutrition, living a healthy lifestyle, personal fitness and understanding that commitment is a key component to an individual’s success. He will always give his all, and share his positive energy to whomever he encounters.

Anabella Duca
Pilates Instructor

​Personal Trainer
A life long student in physical fitness, coming from a background of ballet, dance and gymnastics and always having a drive for fitness and a passion to educate others, my involvement with Pilates, Yoga, TRX and Personal training was just a natural progression in my life.
Focusing on body awareness, I am a strong believer in the benefits of core conditioning, strengthening and muscle building through Pilates, Yoga, Personal training and TRX.
I am dedicated to promoting in my clients physical, spiritual and emotional growth.
I love to motivate each client by creating an individual fitness plan to fit their specific needs and  enthusiastically sharing my knowledge and beliefs throughout our sessions.
It is my foremost goal to enrich the lives of those around me.

Corinne Benoit
Manager of Office, Social Media Marketing, Public Relations

Corinne has been passionate about sports, health, and fitness her entire life. During high school Corinne volunteered her time to various activities. One in particular was the Unified Sports Program. This is a program in which students would meet after school with special needs students, and help them practice, and participate in a variety of sports. 
In 2009, Corinne attended the University of Bridgeport on an Academic scholarship for 4 years. During her four years in the biology program Corinne completed an extensive academic curriculum. Some of these classes included multiple chemistry, calculus, human biology, plant biology, physics, anatomy classes, cadaver labs, and many more. Corinne made the Dean’s List her junior and senior year of college. Corinne graduated from UB in 2013 with a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Biology.
After graduation, Corinne decided to pursue a career in the fitness industry. She began first at Planet Fitness of Milford. Corinne first started at the front desk. Soon after, she became the fitness instructor for Planet Fitness of Milford. As the Instructor she conducted small group training sessions. From there Corinne accepted the position of Key Holder. She began opening the gym at 4am, five days a week. Other responsibilities included, handling paperwork, completing Excel tables, taking inventory, and placing gym product orders.
In 2015, Corinne left Planet Fitness of Milford to work at Pinnacle Health and Fitness in Westport. Here at Pinnacle she has a wide variety of tasks. Some major tasks include handling session sales, answering or placing phone calls, responding to and sending emails, and client scheduling. Some other tasks she handles are Excel tracking, maintaining gym appearance, ordering supplies and equipment, and keeping the parking under control. She is the host of the gym, and the machine that keeps everything going.

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Kerri Gawreluk
Yoga Instructor

Kerri Gawreluk is a 200-hour certified yoga instructor, a certified prenatal yoga instructor, as well as a Reiki Master.  She also has extensive training and experience with yoga for trauma and addiction, and has supported clients in private practices and treatment centers.  
Kerri has been teaching yoga privately and in group settings in and around Fairfield County since 2005.  She specializes in a holistic approach, combining her expertise and strong intuition to meet the needs of her clients on a physical, mental, and emotional level.  Her sessions are a creative mix of movement and meditation, positional adjustments as well as breath-work, to create fluid, customized programs for each of her clients.
Kerri is a firm believer that much of the pain or dis-ease that sits within the body is a result of imbalances, and the stability and flexibility that yoga brings can help ease or eliminate much of that discomfort.
 When she is not teaching or practicing yoga, Kerri can most likely be found pumping a little iron, writing in one of her many journals and notebooks, or having a kitchen dance party with her two young kids.  

Mon-Thurs: 5am -7pm

Friday: 5am - 5pm
Saturday: 8am - 2pm
Sunday: 10am - 3pm

Shelley Kaiser

Personal Trainer

Since 1990, Shelley Kaiser has been involved in the fitness profession, translating a life-long passion for fitness and exercise, into a career. Shelley was first bitten by the fitness bug in 1978 when a friend introduced her to distance running. She competed in the New York Marathon in 1999 finishing under three hours. Her love for running translated into a career in fitness. She became a certified instructor in 1991 and went on to teach step, aerobics, spinning and yoga classes.
As a personal trainer, Shelley is exceptional, working with clients that range in age from teenager to senior citizen.  Her training philosophy has roots in Yoga, Pilates and conventional weight work.  Her main focus is to keep her clients strong, balanced, flexible and most of all injury free.

Personal Trainer

Kelly Manzone has been in the fitness industry since early 2000’s. She has been an established personal trainer for over 10 years while working with some of the largest fitness companies in the US.  Her specialties include general fitness instruction as well as health and nutrition. She is a certified Vinyasa Yoga instructor as well as a certified kettelbell instructor by Art of Strength one of the leading kettlebell authorities in the US. Her personal trainer certification is through NASM.
Kelly keeps up to date by attending fitness workshops in order to keep abreast of the latest fitness technology and theory. She has extensive knowledge in weight training, kettlebell training, sandbag and rope training, aerobics, cardio, TRX, boot camp, crossfit and barre method workouts. Using her extensive knowledge and background in these disciplines, Kelly has had the opportunity to train a variety of semi professional athletes in a range of specialties. Kelly is certified in pre/postnatal training and pilates based mat work. She is a certified Silver Sneakers instructor and has created senior fitness programs. Kelly has been mastering the barre method technique for the last 2 years and has been teaching at Bodyquest of Westport.
Kelly has the ability to provide her clients with not only the tools they need to accomplish their goals but the motivational techniques as well. This has allowed her to create a dedicated client base. She has worked tirelessly to become a trusted trainer in our community.  Kelly has the ability to show compassion and patience to those clients who need it and also drill sergeant mentality for those who are capable of being pushed to their limits. Because of this she can provide valuable teaching methods on and off the gym floor.
Kelly has committed her life to bringing the joy of fitness to others. She believes in a balance of body and mind.  Her mantra continues to be “your body is your best tool”

Ashley Curran
Personal Trainer

Ashley Curran holds a Bachelors Degree in Health Science and Fitness Promotion from Keene State College, where she graduated Cum Laude in 2009. In her years of attending KSC, she worked besides the Head Strength and Conditioning Coach. Ashley was given the opportunity to assist in developing strength and conditioning programs for KSC Men's Soccer, Women's and Men's Basketball, and Women's Field Hockey. She also led lifting and agility sessions for these athletic teams.
In the summer of 2007, she led the Sacred Hearth University Division I Women's Basketball team through their off season strength and condition programs under the supervision of the Head Strength and Conditioning Coach, Gary Reho. Ashley is intensely passionate about continuing her education and is constantly keeping up with the newest and latest in the health and fitness industry.
Since June of 2009, Ashley shifted her focus beyond just athletes and began personal training people from all levels of fitness. Ashley is extremely goal oriented and her record for results is unmatchable. She is very passionate about motivating her clients and has been successful time and time again in getting her clients to reach their goals. One of her strongest assets is her customization of client's programs to coincide with their individual abilities and goals. She loves engaging with others, and sharing her knowledge of health, fitness, and wellness. There is nothing more motivating to her than a successful, healthy, and happy client!

Yuri Petunov

Strength and Sports Training

​​​Yuri became a fitness specialist and strength trainer in 2001. He has a four year physical education degree, FMS/SFMA (Functional Movement Screening) Certification . KBC (Kettkebell Concept) Advanced Certification. ISSA CTF(International Sports Sciences Association) ,WFF (World Fitness Federation) Certified.
He became a bodybuilder at 17 year old, and in four years of training he achieved
1st place in European Championship, 2nd place in World Championship, and had won numerous international championships (Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Russia, Germany).
After moving to the United States Yuri continues to help people achieve the results they desire, applying his knowledge and professional experience. Less than a year ago he began training in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and so far has won the Renzo Gracie Invitational ( 2009) , NAGA (National Grappling Association) (11/14/09), placed 3rd and 2nd in NAGA (7/27/09 and 2/6/10 respectively).
He continues to further broaden his knowledge by participating in and creating various seminars and workshops and applying this knowledge and experience to clients’ benefit.

Strength and Sports Training

Devon believes that training is most successful when he creates an environment in which his clients leave one training session looking forward to the next session.  He focuses on making his sessions both challenging and fun with the intent to inspire his clients to maximize their results so they leave the gym feeling that they made progress. He applies the knowledge acquired over fifteen years in the health and fitness industry to educate his clients on the essential principles of fitness.  After working with Devon, clients have a solid understanding how to incorporate proper nutrition, resistance training, interval training and cardiovascular training to reach their goals. He shows his clients how to make the most of their time in and out of the gym, helping them understand that consistency is the key to achieving long-term results.
Certified personal trainer – National Academy of Sports Medicine I, II
Resistance Training Specialist I and II– Focus on Fitness
Certified Apex Fitness Professional – Apex Fitness
Certified Renegade Sports/Group Training
“Fitness should not be an addition to your life, it should be an integral part of it.”