We now offer fitness related consulting services

Services offered:

           Evaluate your current fitness regimen and make suggestions based on your goals.

In person $75.00 per hour*.  Online option $50.00 per hour*

Evaluate the best space in your home for an exercise area. 

$75.00 per hour*

Suggest the proper equipment that will maximize the space available for your fitness program.  

$75.00 per hour in person*. Online option $50 per hour*

Purchase equipment on your behalf or give you contact information to purchase on your own.

$75.00 per hour* plus purchase price of equipment including all taxes and delivery fees

Match you with a trainer for online or in-home training. Trainer may or may not be affiliated with Pinnacle or we can match you with a Pinnacle trainer for training at Pinnacle.

One-time $100.00* fee for online or in-home trainer not affiliated with Pinnacle 

Additional trainer fees set by non-Affiliated trainer    

No additional fees for utilizing a Pinnacle trainer only training fees apply

Online options can be on Zoom or Facebook Messenger

*one hour minimums