​​Strength Training

Pinnacle offers individualized training programs to meet a wide variety of goals. Our expert staff will help you get stronger, look better, and prevent injuries. In addition, our trainers can help you increase balance, increase flexibility, and give you more energy.

Working with a professional personal trainer is:
Saves you time
More fun
More efficient and helps you reach your goals faster

Pinnacle offers state of the art strength training programs to meet a wide variety of goals.
-You receive personalized attention based on your individual needs and goals.
-You train in a comfortable, clean environment.
-You can strengthen your cardiovascular, identify weaknesses, and prevent injuries.
-You will be matched up with a trainer that understands your needs and will motivate you.
-Your performance in other physical activities will improve.

Practice Yoga in an atmosphere of serenity with our Pinnacle instructors. Your private yoga sessions will include yoga postures that allow you to increase flexibility, improve breathing, enhance balance, strength and offer peace.

Each session is about your needs on that day.
-You will identify postural habits and work towards more freedom in your body.
-You will learn breath work that helps you cope with stress.
-You will conquer challenging poses in a safe and supported way.
-You will improve your balance, flexibility and strength.

Sports Training

Pinnacle’s facility and trainers offer the best sports training in the area. Our expert trainers offer specialized strategies and methods of exercise for specific sports. We will help athletes prepare to take their game to the next level.

You will receive a detailed functional analysis of your body and movement patterns, and personalized, sports specific training based on your needs and goals.

-You will increase speed, agility, power, and endurance.
-Your sports performance will improve.
-You will learn proper injury prevention techniques.
-You will work with state of the art equipment and techniques.

Mon-Thurs: 5am -7pm

Friday: 5am - 5pm
Saturday: 6am - 2pm
Sunday: 8am - 1pm


Personal Training​​​​