Health precautions as related to Covid-19

1) Each client will agree to the Pinnacle  health declaration.

2) We will continue to use hydrostatic services hospital grade electrostatic fogger multiple time​​s per week in addition to our normal cleaning service.

3) We will be utilizing UV light when the facility is not in use.

4) We will be utilizing Peco Air Purification Technology in all rooms.

5) We will be utilizing anti-bacterial and anti-viral wipes on all equipment during use as well as hospital grade anti-viral anti-bacterial disinfectant spray on all surfaces regularly.

6) We have hand sanitizing stations throughout the facility.

7) We will keep the facility well ventilated at all times.

8) We ask that any client or trainer who feels sick to please stay at home.

9) Trainers are fully vaccinated.

10) We will be routinely consulting with the medical community regarding developments and suggestions in current health and safety measures.